Apple working on an iPhone with a foldable Screen

 “Apple Inc. has begun early work on an iPhone with a foldable screen,” reports Gurman. The goal is to fit a larger display into a smaller device. But this won’t happen for years.

Gurman built a solid reputation for correctly predicting Apple’s future moves, so this serves as possible confirmation that a folding iPhone is in preliminary development. But there’s been plenty of earlier evidence. Company engineers keep filing for patents related related to flexible handsets. Just in 2020, there was work on a “self-healing” display, new hinge designs and bendable batteries.

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Touch ID could return in 2021 iPhone 13

A fingerprint scanner might once again be part of Apple’s iPhone line, according to a reliable source. Touch ID might appear in 2021 alongside Face ID, not in place of it.

Also, Apple reportedly has a folding screen in the prototype stage.

Touch ID was a highlight of iPhone for years, back when the fingerprint-recognition system was embedded into the Home button. But Apple dropped that button in the iPhone X, going with Face ID instead. Unfortunately, facial recognition is less convenient when people regularly wear face masks.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Launcher

Microsoft has released a new update for its Microsoft Launcher for Android users. Reportedly, it brings some well-needed bug fixes and new features for the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Surface Duo, the company’s first take on the dual-screen display phones, was launched this year. Though the phone was hyped for months before its launch, it was not very well received by the critics.
Although the design, build quality, and hinge mechanism are pretty good, there were several issues with the software of the phone. The good thing is the latest Microsoft Launcher update now fixes all those issues.

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Latest Google Phone app Beta can now be installed from the Play Store on pretty much any phone

Back in April, Google’s popular Phone app expanded its device support on the Play Store. Previously tied to Pixel and Android One devices, Google appeared to be opening it up for use on other devices and software. At the time, it still didn’t work for lots of phones, including OnePlus and Samsung devices. But apparently, that’s changed, and we can confirm you can now install the latest Google Phone app Beta from the Play Store on Samsung and OnePlus phones — and probably more, too.

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Apple services bundle to launch in October alongside iPhone 12, called ‘Apple One’

Apple is readying to launch a range of services bundles in October, with the working brand name ‘Apple One’, according to a report from Bloomberg. The bundle would offer a selection of Apple’s services at a discount, with a variety of packages and prices. Bloomberg suggests that Apple is also launching a services rival to compete with Peloton, with Apple virtual fitness classes being part of the bundle deal.

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